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Fine Arts

Phil Cohen ( Rm 321B - 12th: A-H | 11th: A-E | 10th: A-J | 9th: A-He

Thomas Pappas ( Rm 321A - 12th: I-P | 11th: F-L | 10th: K-Q | 9th: Hi-O

Janice Wang (on maternity leave, refer to counselors listed below)

12th Q-Z: Ms. Blum (

11th M-P: Chris Gonzalez ( Rm 809B

11th Q-Z: Suzette Persaud ( Rm 323D

10th R-S: Delfina Leston ( Rm 323A

10th T-Z: Phil Cohen ( Rm 321B

9th P-T: Jasmine Jusino ( Rm G47

9th U-Z: Thomas Pappas ( Rm 321A


Chris Gonzalez ( Rm 809B - All grades: A-Z


Jasmine Jusino ( Rm G47 - All grades: A-Z

Music (Instrumental/Vocal)

Phil Cohen ( Rm 321B - 12th: A-B/Sa-Se | 11th: D-F/S | 10th: U-Z | 9th: I

Chris Gonzalez ( Rm 809B - 12th: I-J/Sf-Sz | 11th: G/T-V | 10th: A-B | 9th: D-F/T-V

Jasmine Jusino ( Rm G47 - 12th: E-H | 11th: C (Instrumental)/H-J | 9th: G-H

Delfina Leston ( Rm 323A - 12th: D | 11th: C (Vocal)/W-Z | 10th: C-G | 9th: A-C/X-Z

Thomas Pappas ( Rm 321A - 12th: T-Z | 11th: A | 10th: H/T | 9th: J/S

Suzette Persaud ( Rm 323D - 12th: K-R | 11th: K-R | 10th: I-R | 9th: K-R

Janice Wang (on maternity leave, refer to counselors listed below)

12th C: Ms. Blum (

11th B: Chris Gonzalez ( Rm 809B

10th S: Delfina Leston ( Rm 323A

9th W: Thomas Pappas ( Rm 321A

Technical Theater

Delfina Leston ( Rm 323A - All grades A-Z

Social Worker

Ebony Campbell

Room 208A | Office Hours: 8:00-3:20


Alex Falk

Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Specialist

Room 235 | Office Hours: 9:30-4:00

NYC Teenspace

Free online therapy for NYC teens ages 13-17.

NYC Well

Call 988 or visit their website to connect to the 24/7 free suicide and crisis lifeline for support with stress, depression, anxiety, or drug and alcohol use.

24-25 Course Catalog

Course Catalog 2024-2025

Counseling Newsletter

College & Counseling Newsletter 5/9/24


Connecting to Erica Blum, our post-secondary counselor

Erica Blum post secondary intro letter 2023.docx

Community Service

Service Seal on Diploma

Students who meet a minimum of 100 hours of independent service, service-learning, and/or a school-led service program during their high school years receive a notation on their transcript and a seal on their diploma.

Is Community Service Required?

No. LaGuardia does not have a community service requirement.

How do colleges view community service in my application?

Most colleges do a holistic review of your application. Holistic Review allows admissions committees to consider the “whole” applicant, rather than disproportionately focusing on any one factor.

Community service can be valuable during freshmen and sophomore years to provide a variety of experiences to students. If students do community service during their junior or senior year, it often is related to specific interests that are supported in an application. Whether community service is an area you should focus on, please have a conversation with your guidance counselor.

Keep in mind that many students at LaGuardia are not able to do community service as they do not have the time. Instead, they focus on studio and arts-related commitments.

Weekly Career Feature

3/20/24 Weekly Career Feature - Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Business